Our Story

The Founder of So Blended, better known as Meli, started her fitness journey in 2017 at the age of 19. Although she loved fitness, for a long time she struggled with her relationship with food.

She found it difficult to create balanced food/drink choices, especially with social media constantly promoting fad diets, skinny me teas, and ‘good’ VS ‘bad’ food. Slowly, this was how her bulimic eating tendencies begun. Meli soon realised that food was not the enemy, it was the fuel.

She came to learn of the 80/20 method and found a new perspective for eating. A normal diet should consist of 80% whole foods and 20% soul foods. 
She immediately came to realise that there was no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food, food is food.
 Eventually, Meli put her unhealthy eating habits behind her and 
 started to put ALL the foods to good use, to give her energy for gym training. She educated herself on the importance of nutrition and living a healthy, yet balanced life style.

Then in the beginning of 2021, Meli begun her tertiary studies on top of 2 jobs. Her curriculum made it hard to make time for exercise and a balanced diet. She found herself struggling once again, and in the midst of the chaos, she came up with an idea that meant healthy/balanced choices could be made 
convenient for the every day busy person like herself.

The idea of So Blended meant everyone who struggles for time could make nutritious choices, and also enjoy the soul foods on the go! In sum, this was how So Blended came to life. We seized the opportunity in hopes that So Blended promotes you to live in a well-balanced, healthy life style with convenience, and without the fuss. It was created for 'PEOPLE ON THE MOVE!'
We thank you for your support, and we hope our portable blenders help to make your life a little bit easier. Welcome to the So Blended family!

Our Mission

So Blended was born with the mission to help people on the move. Whether you’re
an Instagram Fitspo, Busy Mum, Workaholic or Stressed out Student, we brought 

So Blended to life to make every day Convenient, Healthy and Balanced for the
every day person on the go.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most convenient and easy solution, of making healthy and 
balanced food choices within our blender.

Our Values

Health- Providing healthy, balanced lifestyles for the community

Service- Building customer connections and giving outstanding customer service

Positivity- Bringing energy and enthusiasm to improve ourselves and the community

Innovation- Create products that meets our customer’s needs, and embrace change
to meet those needs.

Empowerment- Inspiring and enabling our people to make a difference.