User Guide

So Blended User Guide



 Here’s how to make whatever you want, on the go.

  1. Charge your So Blended Portable Blender with the included USB cable for approximately 1 hour (or until blue light reaches the very top) .

  2. Ensure the arrow on the rear of the jar, and base of Blender are aligned.

  3. Clean your Blender prior to it’s first use. Add water and detergent, double tap for blend and rinse. (See cleaning section for more details if needed) .

  4. Ensure to add liquids first, then add solids. Make sure to leave room at the top. (Recommended liquid amount is 400 ml) .

  5. Tighten the lid and then double tap for a 30 second blend, until the Blender automatically stops. Repeat as needed.

  6. Enjoy your meal and ensure to clean after each use.



  1. Using the USB cable included, you can charge your So Blended Portable Blender with a variety of ports. Eg: phone charger, laptop/computer port or USB port in your car ect. Full charge is approximately 3 hours and lasts for approximately 12-15 blends.

  2. The 4 dots on the power button indicates battery level. When the 4 dots double flash this means your Blender is flat. As your Blender charges, the lights on the dots will slowly increase to the top. Once the blue light has reached the very top, this means your Blender is fully charged.

  3. Flashing blue lights mean the jar is not aligned with the base. Simply twist until the magnets are aligned. The flashing light is a safety feature to ensure the blades don’t spin without the cup being secure.

  4. Your Blender may also flash blue if blades are blocked. (See troubleshooting section for more details)


Note- Always clean your Blender immediately after each use to prevent food from drying, sticking or going mouldy. Your Blender is water resistant, so not to worry if the USB port gets wet, however never submerge the Blender (including base) entirely under water, or in a dish washer. This could result in potentially burning the motor out, which will void the warranty.

  1. Basic Cleaning - Fill cup to about 2/3 full with warm water (not hot water , as this can damage the cup and create a foggy stain) , add a droplet of detergent and double tap to blend for one cycle. Poor out liquid and rinse with fresh water.

  2. Deep Cleaning - Remove the cup from the base, twist the cup counterclockwise whilst twisting the base in the other direction.

  3. Carefully remove the silicone pads form the base and lid with a fork or butter knife for a more thorough clean, keep in mind of which silicone pad goes where.

  4. Wash the cup, lid and silicone pads in warm soapy water. Again, avoid using hot water as this can damage the cup by causing it go foggy and stiff.

  5. Let all the parts air dry.

  6. Reassembling your Blender - Place silicon pads back into base and lid (ensuring they are placed in their correct spots). Firmly press silicon pads back into place to prevent leaking. Follow by screwing the cup back onto the base, as well as the lid.



  1. Double flashing blue light - Means cup is not aligned with base. In this instance, loosen the cup from base and try to screw it back again until the arrow aligns with the power button. The arrow is a guide so it does not have to fully line up with the button.

  2. Continuous flashing blue light - Means blades are jammed. If any solids get wedged between the blades before the blend, the blades will not spin. In this instance, flip your Blender upside down and shake in order to loosen the jam. Double tap and blend upside down, then turn it right- side up again so the ingredients hit blades at full speed.

NOTE: Always pour liquid into the blender first, before solid ingredients. Ensure not to over fill with liquids. We recommend starting your blender upside down when you have solid ingredients such as ice, frozen fruit ect.




DO store your So Blended Portable Blender in a secure place.

DO operate with lid securely screwed on.

DO only use high quality USB chargers and plug it in properly.

DO allow ingredients to settle in for about 30 seconds -1 minute before blending.

DO take care when handling the base of the blender without the jar.

DO NOT wash your So Blended Portable Blender in hot or boiling water as this can damage the base and cause case the cup to go foggy and stiff. 

DO NOT submerge base under water or put in dish washer. The usb port is water resistant, therefor it is safe to get wet, however fully submerging can damage the motor.

DO NOT place hands inside blender or near the blades.

DO NOT let children use your Blender. Adult supervision is advised at all times.

DO NOT put your Blender in microwave or freezer.

DO NOT let food sit in your Blender for long periods of time as can cause a build up of pressure to the point of bursting.

DO NOT run blender whilst empty.

DO NOT charge blender when wet.



Our Mission

So Blended was born with the mission to help people on the move. Whether you’re
an Instagram Fitspo, Busy Mum, Workaholic or Stressed out Student, we brought 

So Blended to life to make every day Convenient, Healthy and Balanced for the
every day person on the go.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most convenient and easy solution, of making healthy and 
balanced food choices within our blender.

Our Values

Health- Providing healthy, balanced lifestyles for the community

Service- Building customer connections and giving outstanding customer service

Positivity- Bringing energy and enthusiasm to improve ourselves and the community

Innovation- Create products that meets our customer’s needs, and embrace change
to meet those needs.

Empowerment- Inspiring and enabling our people to make a difference.